What To Ask Your Ceremony Location BEFORE You Book It

It's moments before the wedding is supposed to start and the church officiant says, "You know you can only take photos from the balcony and you can't use flash, right?" If I hadn't known this ahead of time, I might be freaking out a bit. However, I ALWAYS find out what I am allowed and not allowed to do in any location I shoot at. It's also important that you ask this as a preliminary question BEFORE you book a location. Leading up to your wedding day, you have awesome ideas in your head of what the photos from your wedding are going to look like, so don't forget to ask if those things will be okay to do for your location. Don't let phrases like "no flash photography", "photographer may not come any further than the 6th pew", and "photographer cannot move during the ceremony" scare you. Yes, a venue actually told me that I had to pick one spot to stand in and not move for the entire ceremony. A professional photographer should be prepared for anything, just make sure to ask your event location what the stipulations are for your photographers before you even decide to book your wedding for that location.

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