What To Wear To A Photoshoot: Senior Edition

So your mom wants photos of you to commemorate your last year of high school, but you're afraid she's going to have you signed up to do dorky poses and wear clothes you usually only would wear to your cousin's wedding, right? Have no fear! Stacy Anderson Photography is here to help you get the most out of your senior photos with some easy-peasy tips to help you get started! Dress for your personality/style. Are you a fashionista? Or would you rather be skateboarding in your jeans? Your photos should be a representation of you. I don't want you to feel like you have to dress or act like someone you're not.

Wear what's comfortable. If you're uncomfortable, it will show in your facial expressions and posture. Comfortable = natural.

Ask for others' input. Those around you will tell you whether or not you look good in something. Ask your friends what they think of your clothing choices before the day of your photo shoot, or text me and I can help you out :)

Buy a new outfit for your photos! Everyone always feels a little more special when they have a new pair of heels on or jeans that haven't been stretched out yet.

Dress up, but just a little. Be the best representation of you! If you don't normally wear makeup, put on a little mascara and some lip gloss. You want to look your best - but still look like you're every day you.