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Jess & Scott - Married {Houston, TX Intimate Small Wedding Photographer}

Sometimes as a photographer, I get to photograph huge weddings that have hundreds of people in attendance. And then others, like at Jess and Scott's wedding, I am one of 10 people in the room. It's in these smaller, more intimate weddings that I really feel the gravity of what I'm doing. I am encapsulating a moment in time that will be forever remembered through the photos I take. I have the unique responsibility of being the memory keeper. Long after I am gone, these photos will be passed on to future generations, and I want those great grand kids to know the love that these two shared. By the world's standards of huge, elaborate weddings, this was not a big day. But for Jess and Scott and their immediate family, it was even better than those big affairs. Don't get me wrong, I love the bling and glitz of flashy weddings. But there's something to be said about a small wedding. One where there's no rushing around. One where I actually got to know the people in attendance. One where I got to hear the small and big ways that Scott shows Jess how he loves her. One where the bride and groom get to really soak it all in and enjoy every single second of it - the big day - their wedding day.

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