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Krislynn & Brandon : Married {Sarnia, Ontario Wedding Photographer}

Traveling for weddings is always fun! Not only do I get to revel in the beauty of a couple's relationship blossoming, but I also get to go someplace new and have fun photographing in new places. This was definitely the case for Krislynn and Brandon's wedding day in Sarnia, Ontario. In case you're not familiar with where that is, it's right on the US (Michigan)/Canada border - about 3 hours from Toronto. It's a fishing community located right on the water and has a big beautiful bridge that crosses over into the US (of course we had to take photos there which you'll see later in this post). We were so grateful that they allowed enough time in the timeline for us to go all around the town and take photos in different locations! Us photographers are always super excited when we have time to play and be creative :) Thanks for having me along, C Wright Photography!

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