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Liz's Bridal Session & A Flash Back to My First Shot at Being a Wedding Photographer (Shirley Acres, Houston Wedding Photographer)

One of the first weddings I ever photographed was out at Shirley Acres, so needless to say when I was able to go back there for Liz's bridal session (and then wedding with Chris), it brought about some interesting feelings. It was 2011, and I was second shooting for a photographer I had recently met. I had never used a flash before, let alone own one, and I was insanely nervous. After all, there are no do-overs in weddings. You either get the shot - or you don't. Looking back it now, I had no business being there. I didn't know what I was doing. But I'm so glad I took that leap into the unknown. And I'm so thankful to that photographer who gave me my start. Now, on to why you really came - present day and Liz's bridal session photos.  :)

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