Posing When You're Awkward

Let's face it, not everyone is a Tyson Beckford or Brooklyn Decker and has the natural ability to look awesome all of the time. While we don't have the same looks or abilities as these supermodels, we can all use a few tips to help us look better in photos. Ladies

  • Slenderize. If standing, cross your legs at the ankles. You also never want to be faced dead-on to the camera, so turn your hips slightly diagonal to the camera and put your weight on your back leg. Women are also commonly afraid of the dreaded double-chin and turn our heads up a bit when taking a photo. Don't do this! It will actually look better if you keep your head at a normal height or slightly turned down.

bell tower on 34th bridal photo

  • Posture. Roll your shoulders back and stand up straight. It will do wonders for your photos.


  • Smile. I've encountered so many men that don't want to smile for the camera. However, smiling is the best thing you can do for your photos! And I'm not talking about slapping on one of those weird, looks almost painful smiles, but instead a real true genuine smile.

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  • Be casual. Don't feel that just because I'm taking your picture that you have to be someone you're not. Let your personality show! If you're a jokester, be a jokester! Don't let me presence keep you from being you!


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  • Do something with your hands. Whether you wrap them around a loved one, stick them in your pockets, or put them on your hips, make sure your arms aren't just hanging there like limp dishrags.


  • Be genuine. If you are just feeling uncomfortable, just look at the person you're taking the photos with. Tell them a joke. Be silly. Make them laugh. Soon those fake smiles and uncomfortable feelings will just melt away.

Lastly and most importantly, just be you. Don't try to be a replica of something you saw on Pinterest. Make your own memories and don't just try to replicate someone else's. You deserve to have great photos of yourself!