Portrait Retouching

First off, I love this girl. She's my bestest friend and has been for, um, a long time (we're getting too old to be talking in years at this point). I wanted to show you all some of my editing skills and I thought what better way to do this than with a picture of my gorgeous best friend.

She does not need to be edited. She is naturally beautiful inside and out. However, there are ways that Photoshop can enhance certain features and minimize other things we aren't so fond about with ourselves. For instance, Amanda has naturally rosy cheeks. I wanted to take the focus off of her cheeks and onto her amazing eyes. So with a little bit of my magic, voila!

The photo on the left is straight out of camera and the photo on the right is the finished product.

portrait retouching

What I did: I warmed it up a bit, lightened the shadows on the right side of her face, smoothed her skin (I wanted a super fine photo for the purpose of this blog, so I was using a macro lens and I can pick up nose hairs and individual pores with that thing), removed the scar on her cheek (which I wouldn't normally do, but I wanted to show you my skills), removed any blemishes (like she has any anyway!), and lightened under her eyes a bit.

All in all, she was beautiful before and I just enhanced the photo the tiniest bit so that she would see herself how everyone else sees her.

Thank you Amanda for being my guinea pig! :)