Natalie & Ramon: Married! {Ashton Gardens Wedding Photographer}

It started out like any other wedding day - a chance of rain, but nothing to worry about since everything was indoors. We were at the beautiful Ashton Gardens and everything was going great - the girls looked beautiful in their dresses, the guys were telling jokes, and the decor was perfect. Everything was going just as Natalie and Ramon had planned, that was, until about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony's start time when the power went out. I don't know about you, but a wedding without electricity sounds devastating. I mean think about it - no lights, no music, no food. Oye! However, I can say without a doubt that this was the absolute sweetest wedding I've ever been a part of. During the nuptials, the groom's father officiated the ceremony, the groom's brother sang acapella "You Are So Beautiful" while Natalie walked down the aisle (there was not a dry eye in the room), and the waitstaff brought around ice water to all of the guests so they could keep cool (remember - no A/C!). All in all, the couple had the sweet ceremony they had always imagined.

When it was time for the reception, the guests were greeted with friendly waitstaff, plenty of food (luckily the kitchen staff had already finished most of it and were just keeping it warm by the time they lost power), a room lit with battery-powered uplighting (the colorful lights projecting up on the walls), and lots of candles on the tables helping to illuminate the room. The cake was beautiful. The flowers and decor were beautiful. The couple even had their "first dances" played by the DJ's laptop speakers - and with the crowd singing along. And at the end of the night, the couple drove off in a vintage Rolls Royce. It was a fairytale wedding complete with the plot twist, but it ended the same - where the couple lives happily ever after.

Even though the electricity never came back on that evening, the night was still a great day celebrating Natalie and Ramon's love. Lorena, the wedding coordinator, as well as the rest of the staff at Ashton Gardens did such an amazing job of thinking on their toes and accomodating everyone. They did everything within their power to make sure the day went as smoothly as possible.

Even though Natalie and Ramon's wedding day didn't turn out exactly as they had planned, I don't think you can tell that by the images you'll see below. Everyone had a great day and Natalie and Ramon had a wedding day that they will never forget.

Wedding Coordinator: Lorena at Ashton Gardens

Florist: The Senter Piece

First Shooter: My Story Keeper


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