Kandy & Barry: Married { Alvin, TX Wedding Photographer}

Okay, okay, I have to admit it...when Kandy and Barry said that they were getting married in his mom's backyard, I wasn't at all expecting what was awaiting me. This intimate affair was absolutely perfect. Kandy pulled off the burlap and lace theme with great style! They rented a big white tent, table and chairs, and then did the rest themselves. Raw wood, burlap table overlays, baby's breath bundled with lace, and fans for the guests to keep cool - they thought of it all! Everywhere you looked, there was another DIY project that the couple had worked so tirelessly on. While the Texas heat tried to get the best of us, the sweet tea, cake balls, and overflowing amounts of loving kindness from the couple kept the party hopping! Everyone had a great time and I truly loved working with this couple. They were sweet as pie (I had to bring out some of my southern-ness there) and were just as genuine as could be. The only thing I regret is not taking them up on their offer to go swimming after the reception. Congratulations on your lives together, Mr. and Mrs. Gailey! Location: Family home (Alvin, TX)

Catering: Joe's Barbecue

Cake Balls: Norma's Cakes & Cookies

Decorations & Flowers: DIY


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