iPhone Apps That Make Your Photos Pop!

iPhoneography is a common trend nowadays. People everywhere are no longer carrying bulky cameras, but instead using their slender mobile phones that will fit in their back pocket to capture important life moments. There are programs and seminars dedicated to people who take photos professionally with their cell phones. You can buy additional lenses to add into your existing camera phone. And I've even heard of some people even photographing whole weddings with only an iPhone. Sounds crazy, right? With the camera features that are available on phones and the apps to help enhance them, one can create an amazing work of art with only their phone in hand.

With this being said, here are a few apps I use on a regular basis.

Sunrise & Set LITE

This app is awesome! As someone who primarily works outdoors, I need to know what the sunrise and sunset times are because I typically try to have sessions as close to these times as possible. This app can show me in advance the exact time of sunrise and sunset on any given day in the future - even months in advance.


Camera+ is awesome because it allows me to enhance the photos I take beyond the regular filters. I can change the clarity, white balance, adjust the angle, crop, and add special effects. This app has a lot of really neat features.


Maybe it's the perfectionist in me, but I am never truly happy with how a photo looks straight out of the camera. This is why I use PicTapGo to edit my photos. I can use one filter or multiple filters and create recipes. You can also decide how strong I want the filter to be.

Pic Frame

After I'm taken my photos and edited my photos how I'd like, it's time to frame them. Sometime I want more than one photo in a single file, and this app allows me to do just that. I can put up to 9 photos into a single file if I want to with this must have app.

Instagram Once I have the picture the way I want it, I've got to share it. Instagram is a great way to share photos with friends, family, and clients.