How to Personalize Your Wedding

How to personalize a wedding When Brittany, the bride, said that she wanted lots of detail photos, I could hardly contain my excitement. I. Love. Details. After all, the details are the personal touches that couples put so much love, energy, and hot glue gun time into. So here's a few of those lovingly created details from the McDaniel wedding along with tips on how to make your wedding unique to you.

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How to personalize a wedding

The Vibe When your guests walk into your ceremony and reception spaces, their immediate response should be, "Oh this is so ______ and ______." (insert your names here). Yes, you want your guests to enjoy themselves and have pretty things to look at, however the most important part of any wedding is the two people committing their lives to one another - therefore the guests should be able to see those same two people in all of the details. After all, you don't want to have a cookie cutter wedding where it looks like someone planned it to be just like they do their 60 other weddings a year and just asked you to show up. Your wedding should be all about you.


Don't try to do to much. Pinterest will make you a crazy person. Pick 5 things you really want to incorporate into each part of your wedding - getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception - and then do those things really well. You can have creative vows during the ceremony, or make your grand entrance into the reception by helicopter - but don't try to take on too much.

How to personalize your wedding

Budget. It's easy for those "little details" to put a huge dent in your wallet. Again, pick a couple things that you're willing to splurge on, and let go of the rest. Or, if you simply can't let go, try where you can create a wedding day wish list where in lieu of gifts, guests can contribute toward tangible details to be used on your wedding day.


Have music your guests will like. Don't just pick songs to be played at your reception because they're what the DJ typically plays for all of his weddings. Instead create a playlist online and let your friends add their own songs to it! That way, everyone has a chance to hear a song they love. Need more info on a collaborative playlist? Read more here.

How to personalize a wedding 2

Eat the food. Make sure the food your serve at the wedding is something that reminds guests of you too. I remember at my own wedding we served baked chicken with a mushroom sauce and I hate mushrooms. What was I thinking? Also, get your favorite kind of cake. It's your day. If other people don't like red velvet then tough to 'em! (But really, who doesn't love red velvet?)

wedding day surprise for guests

The Art of Surprise. People will automatically remember your wedding day as a great one when they are surprised by something - a neat favor, a choreographed dance, or a personalized cocktail. Wow them with something they didn't see coming.