How to Choose a Wedding Photographer in 12 Steps

Oh, wedding seems like it never ends, doesn't it? Like you've been working on it for months and little things continue to pop up in your head that you still need to do. Hopefully your photographer is one of the things that is not in that list of still-to-do's. But if it is, here's a concise list of how to find your perfect photographer. Colleen and Michael Blog (6)

1. Type of photography: posed or candid? Photo journlistic or simple?

Do you want a lot of posed pictures or would you like more of people mingling and talking? Do you want your photographer to just get the highlights from the day or would you rather them be a little more creative? You want to make sure vision of your wedding photos is the same as the photographer you hire.

2. What do you want them to capture?

Do you want them to be there for every part of your day (from the rehearsal the night before to the grand exit at the end of the reception) or would you rather have someone there for just the ceremony?

3. What is your price range?

Photography can easily get very pricey. How much are you willing to invest in this aspect of your wedding?

4. How important is photography to you?

If you're not really that interested in having photos, then you probably don't need to have a photographer who charges a lot or one who wants to get photos of every little detail.

5. How many images would you like to receive?

After it's all said and done, you photographer will give you images to either choose from for prints or they will give you access to all of the files digitally. How many photos do you want to sift through? How thorough do you want your photographer to be?

6. How quickly do you want your photos after you've said "I do"?

Some photographers take 2 weeks to edit all of your wedding photos, while others might take a year. It just depends on their editing style and how busy they are. It's important to know ahead of time what the timeframe is that you expect to receive your photos by.

7. Ask to see an example of a full wedding.

From formal portraits to close up rings shots to everything in between, ask potential photographers if they can show you a complete gallery of images. You will want to know that they can deliver an entire wedding - not just one aspect of your wedding day.

8. How will you use your images after the wedding day?

Keep in mind the importance of these photos for you. If they're just going to go in a box and never be seen again, you may not need to pay for the same photographer that you would if you are going to make 20x30 wall prints and display them in your home with.

9. Get referrals.

If someone you know has used a photographer and they loved them, chances are you might too. You definitely will want to check our other photographers as well though just to make sure that you doing your full research and not just going with the first person you see.

10. Interview them in person.

It's always important to get to know your photographer in person before the big day. This is best done before you even decide to book them to photograph your wedding.

11. Availablity

Are they available on your wedding day? This is probably the first question you should ask!

12. Book now.

Book as soon as possible. It could be heart breaking if you finally find the photographer of your dreams and then realize that they aren't available on your big day. Bummer! Once you've made your decision, you will want to book as soon as you are able to before that photographer gets snatched up by someone else!

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Wedding planning can be a fun (and somewhat stressful) time in your life. Make sure you do your research and it's sure to be a spectular day with the ones you love.