Behind the Scenes: After I Shoot Your Wedding

The last of the champagne has been poured, the favors your guests got at your wedding reception are already on the floor mats of their cars, and you are on your way to your honeymoon in Aruba (or some place equally as fabulous). The wedding is over. The first thing I do is... 1. Go home and sleep.

Wedding days are exhausting and all I want to do after a long day of standing up/squating, organizing people into place, setting up gear, and taking photos is to get home and go to sleep. But the next day, I am back on the grind.

2. Pulling the photos from the cards

Sometimes it's 20 Gigabytes of photos and others it is 32. Either way, that's a lot of photos to get off my my memory cards and onto my hard drive and back-up drive. I always back up the photos at this time because it's better to be safe than sorry.

3. Culling

Let the sifting begin! In a typical wedding, I will take somewhere between 1000-2000 images. My second shooter will take probably around 500-1000 photos. After downloading all of these photos, I go through them and decide which ones will make the first cut. For instance, sometimes I may take 10 photos of your wedding rings in order to get the shot I want and am happy with. I choose the best image from duplicates. I don't select photos with blinking eyes, blurriness, or anything else that I feel is not a good representation of my work. Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 15 pictures of the same thing, but in my mind I have specific details that I want to make sure are absolutely perfect.

4. Editing

With energy drink in hand, I get to work. For every photo selected, I have at least 5 minutes of editing per image. I hand edit each one. This means that I painstakingly go over each image and make sure the lighting is perfect, the colors are perfect, and everything is sharp looking. This process can (and does) take several days to complete.

5. Editing & Resizing

After the initial edits to your photos are made, I go back and select a few of my favorites that I will include on facebook or in a blog post. I then resize these photos so that they are in a smaller format for web use.

6. Posting Photos

Generally, a sneak preview of your wedding is available on facebook within a week after your wedding. This does not mean that I have completed editing all of the photos from you wedding. All this means is that I have selected a few of my favorites and have edited those just so you can see a few images to tide you over until I mail your images to you.

7. Delivery

After your photos are finished, they are put onto customized flash drives and sent to the mailing address you provided. Typical weddings will have around 300 edited, amazingly beautiful photos on a flash drive.


A lot of time and love go into working on my clients' weddings, and I love every single one of them. I love the uniqueness that each wedding brings and seeing the love that is shared between two people.

If you have any other questions regarding wedding photography with Stacy Anderson Photography, please contact me!