BAM: Before & After Monday

Most people don't know this, but what takes the most time and energy with wedding photography is the editing process. Editing a session or wedding can take as much or even more time than you spent actually photographing the wedding - depending on your shooting and editing style. I know people always enjoy seeing before and after photos, so I thought I'd start occasionally posting a few for you. Here's one from a wedding last October. Caitlyn and Jade's wedding was at the beautiful TerrAdorna in the Texas hill country. The wedding party was huge, so we were running out of daylight and I knew I wanted to get a few shots of them with any remnants of daylight I could get. This is when a great camera body and lens comes into play. So for my tech-savvy friends, here's the details of the shot:

Camera Body: Canon 5D Mark III Lens: 35mm ISO: 8000 f/ 2.8 Shutter: 1/200

Stacy Anderson Photography_1022
Stacy Anderson Photography_1022

What I did with editing:

  • Exposed the photo even more. I could have raised my ISO or lowered my aperture or shutter speed even more, but I didn't want any more grain than I already had, so I chose to fix the photo with an editing software after the fact.
  • Warmed it up. When the sun is past the horizon, the light the sky has left is very blue - or "cool". So in order for the skin tones to look like they actually do in person, you can either change your white balance in camera or fix it when you edit the photo later. Like I said, I was running out of time, so fixing my white balance in the moment was just not going to happen. So what I did in editing was warm them up, or add more of an orange tone to the image.
  • Fixed a few blemishes. A simple click of the spot healing brush and voila - flawless skin.