5 Photos Every Groom Must have on his Wedding Day

1. Alone with his bride. 1 edit a (403) copyWith all of the wedding craziness, it's important to have a moment alone with your bride to soak it all in. And while you're at it, you might as well have your photographer there to capture the moment :)

2. With his buddies

Evelyn & Melvin (3)When I asked my husband what he thought the most important photos from a groom's perspective would be, this was the first thing on his list. There's something about a bunch of dudes horsing around before the ceremony that is always bound to happen. I wish I had these from our wedding too, so I could see what they were up to ;)

3. With his mom

1 edit a (95) bw copyBeing the mother of the bride is a hard job, seeing your baby girl go on to a life with someone else. However, it's just as hard for the mother of the groom. Make sure to take some time for a photo with both moms on the wedding day - and not just those taken during the first dances.

4. Dancing


Most guys don't dance on a regular basis. For instance, my husband pretty much only dances at weddings. One of my most favorite photos of us on our wedding day is of he and I doing the chicken dance, side by side. Yes, it's corny, but I love that it just shows how fun our reception was!

5. "That" moment

Maria Wedding Blog (3)

The moment when he first sees his bride coming down the aisle. Even if the couple chose to do a "first look" and see each other before the ceremony, there is something so special about when a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle towards him to become his wife.