5 Photos Every Bride Must Have on Her Wedding Day

The photos from a wedding day are the most important thing you'll spend money on for your special day. After all, when your memory fails you, you'll have great images to remember the emotions your felt on that day. Some brides have a hard time deciding what aspects they want their photographer to focus on, so because of this, we decided to compile a list of the must have photos for every bride. 1. By Herself

It's important to take a moment to reflect during your special day. Make sure you get a photo alone on your big day!

bell tower on 34th

2. Alone With Your Groom

It's an important day for the two of you - so make you have a photo that is away from the craziness and is all about just you!

Evelyn & Melvin (10)

3. With Your Closest Gal Pals

Your girls have helped you stuffed envelopes, endured your bridezilla moments, and woken up before the sun so that they could look just how you want them to for your wedding day, so make sure you get some photos of girl time in before you walk down the aisle!

Wedding: Ashelynn Manor

4. Wedding Details

You worked so hard on all of those little details for the wedding, so make sure your photographer gets photos of every one of them!

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5. Your Dress

You spent a lot of time looking for that dress that made you cry when you first put it on, so make sure to get a photo of that dress that will make you teary-eyed in years to come.

Wedding: Ashelynn Manor

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